• Ashley Fry

Why You Should Say ‘F*ck It’ to Your Future Plans and Just Take the Opportunity

So often, I hear people- and by ‘people’, sometimes it’s literally the voice in my own head- conjure up a whole mountain of reasons why they shouldn’t challenge themselves- why they shouldn’t go for that new job or position that just opened up at work or why it’s not the right time to take on that new responsibility in their role. Sometimes- sure- it truly might not be a great time to take on something new. But so many times, many of these reasons are ‘potential’ or ‘possible’ plans we’ve laid out for ourselves as goals or future endeavors, and almost have just as much chance shifting around or not happening at all as they do actually coming to fruition. Especially for those with Type A personalities- the ‘planners’ of the world- we’ll have our lives all planned out to a T, only to discover somewhere down the road that so many things you had no way of predicting happened and you missed out on opportunities you didn’t take because of the potential plans you were so sure were going to transpire.

Below, I talk about a few things you’ll likely miss out on if you keep holding yourself back because of potential future plans-

Future open doors and new opportunities

Taking on new tasks, a new role, or a new job will almost inevitably open doors for you for the future. When people see you in your zone, proficient in your new role, you’re now looked at and thought of when new opportunities arrive either inside the company, or for something brand new- especially if you’re sharing your accomplishments and ideas on platforms such as LinkedIn or other social media sites. If you had stayed in your same role, doing the same ol’ things, it’s likely that your proficiency in other areas would either not be developed enough to be noticed, or even if it did exist, it wouldn’t be visible enough to others to even think of you when new opportunities arose.

Cash Money

This is one of the big one I see, especially with women. A common thing women do early on in their careers is proclaim they’re not going to go for a promotion, higher position, or different job because they’re planning on getting pregnant soon and either being on maternity leave or having a child will obviously get in the way. The fact of the matter is this- you just don’t know when and if you’ll get pregnant. It’s such a massive unknown. Straight out of college, the wage gap between men and women is actually pretty small, but because of motherhood, and the reason I discuss here- women being their own worst enemy with not taking on new opportunities- is a big contributing factor to women just plain losing out on money. If you do end up getting pregnant- awesome! Cross that bridge when you get there. In the meantime, you’ll have a pretty, new, and higher salary to help with the new expenses of parenthood.

Meeting people

This one is perhaps one of the most nebulous, however, losing out on meeting people can seriously stunt your growth as a professional in the business world- no matter what industry you’re in. It’s true that you just never know who you’re going to meet, how they might be helpful to you in your career later on down the road, and what opportunities they might one day come out of the woodwork and present you with. Taking on a new role, job, or responsibility can introduce you to people you never would have come in contact with if you stuck with the same-ol-same-ol, and that has the potential to pay off big time for future you.

New skillz

This one is huge! Getting involved in new things at work or pivoting to a new position will 110% have you walking away with brand new skills you can use to beef up your credentials as a professional and also add to your resume. Even the smallest of skills will start to add up and really help you round out what you offer as a professional in your field. Not to mention- if your new role sends you to any type of conferences or trainings, those are all additional things you’re adding to your toolbox of tools to be used in your future career.

So basically, I’m encouraging you to leap. To just jump and take the opportunity- whatever it is- and the rest will work itself out in time. If that big life event that you’re so sure will happen actually does happen, you’ll figure that out when the time comes and you won’t have stunted yourself or your career because of it.